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BSA has extensive experience in the commercial sector as Engineers and Project Managers. We work for property agents, funding institutions, well-known brands, commercial businesses both large and small, private individuals, developers and as part of public / private partnerships and enterprise initiatives.

We have helped clients maximise the use of their land, realise the development potential of sites, re-purpose, refurbish, demolish or extend existing buildings, secure tenants and commercial income for new or refurbished buildings and secure the sale of land or property.

We are dextrous in the application of our resources to realise a site’s full potential. Statutory Approval processes are well understood, finessed and integrated to project delivery strategies. We are skilled in optimising a site’s civils infrastructure, including cut and fill balance, assessment of the highway access onto and off the development site, drainage strategies (including sustainable approaches, flow control, attenuation and pollution control) and statutory utility management. Building structures knowledge informs exemplar decisions in terms of the building fabric, orientation and location and the creation of modern functional spaces.

Some of our Commercial projects


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